Guidebooks increase learning

Textbook + Workbook = Guidebook

A Math Beacon Guidebook is a combination of a textbook and a workbook. It completely removes the need for a textbook in your classroom while meeting all the learning outcomes.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with MathBeacon Guidebooks, we will return your money. Further, we will refund your money for students who are not successful. If your students are not successful then neither are we!

Math 9, 10 , 11 & 12

Our updated Math 9-12 guidebooks are NOW available. We want to support your students with our guidebooks. Please contact us to recieve the best pricing.

Stop Paying Thousands of Dollars for Textbooks

We have various ways for you to buy and use our proven guidebook. Students choose MathBeacon! Our simple organizational structure allows us to pass on amazing pricing to you. If you are a previous Mathbeacon Member contact us to get the best pricing for your students.


"The Word Problems Unit was a huge success. The turn-around in my students is amazing. Their confidence continues to build and build. "

- Jayme Cloet, Mackenzie Secondary School

"The lower achievers and the mid-level kids have said "Never go back to textbooks!" There is a student who is repeating the course and said that the guidebook system allows him more work time."

- Cindy-Anne Spelay, Midway BC

"The Mathbeacon Workbooks make life easier for students, teachers, parents, and school boards in terms of student achievement, lesson planning, parental support, and financial expenditures."

- Y. Dilalla, Oak Bay High School, Victoria BC